October 2018


Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Culture Writer Welcome!!! This is my underground venting blog to express everything we need to when things don't seem as exact as we wish! We will learn about how to age appropriately, looking beautiful, manage stress, cry, laugh & above life!!!! I have a very silly side & it constantly tell me that we need to go with the flow, follow our instinct & have fun with it all, even in the worst of times. I've had my share of worst of times! I welcome your input because I am learning with it all! My peers are my best teachers!! Thank you!!!
Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Culture Writer Jane Morales is a Certified Holistic Life Coach & Meditation Master. She holds a BS in Marketing from Bentley University in Boston and a Master of Science in Communications from Boston University. Prior to becoming a Holistic Life Coach & Meditation Master, Jane worked for 10 years in the television industry with Telemundo Network and NBC Network as producer and entertainment news anchor. After years in the TV industry, she held the position of Communications Director for Cartier Jewelers International in charge of the Latin American markets. Jane has extensive expertise in the art of wellbeing, creating a successful life from the inside out & living in harmony.
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